Most of the jobs carried out by our firm belong to Power Plants , Aluminium & Steel Plants , Paper Industries & Coal Sector, the services we offer ranges from simplest of fabrication jobs to highly précised machining jobs .

Some of the major jobs that we have already executed are:

Power / Aluminium Sectors:

- Reconditioning of 1000 TPH Crusher Rotor of BALCO Ltd.

- Reconditioning of Mill Gear Box and Journal Head of BALCO Ltd.

- In-situ Machining of Mill–Yoke Stem/Vertical Shaft of BALCO Ltd.

- I.D. Fan Shaft drilling and assembly at BALCO Ltd.

- Reconditioning of Coal Nozzle Tips at BALCO Power & Vedanta Group

- In-situ drilling (70mm dia. in 60mm plates) of Main T.G. Column .

- Machining of Sole Plates, Diaphragms, Nozzles,Keys,etc. of 120MW T.G. Set

- Reconditioning of I.D. Fan & F.D. Fans of M.P.P.G.C.L., Chachai.

- Reconditioning of CW, RW Pump of M.P.P.G.C.L., Chachai.

- Fabrication & Erection of D. M. Tank, Degassed Tanks.

- Repair of CB Hammers ,Pot room Balco.

- In-situ Machining of Kneader Gear Box, Crusher Barrel , Coiler Segments.

Paper Sector :

- Reconditioning of Liquor Circulation Pump, Booster Pump, Stock Pump .

- Overhauling of Ventilation fan .

- Erection of Pipe Line .

- Reconditioning of Loco–Wheel of Orient Paper Mills, Amlai.

- Flange facing of Digesters and Pre Heaters of Pulp Section.

Coal Sector :

- Reconditioning Drag Drum & Hoist Drum/Gear of 20/90 Dragline .

- Reconditioning of Bucket, Pulley of 20/90 and 10/70 Dragline.

- Complete overhauling of undercarriage of EKG 4.6 Shovel.

- Reconditioning of Shearer Drum, Pans, and Drive Heads of Long-wall mine.

- Reconditioning of Loading Assly. & Transmission Assly. of L.H.D machine.

- Reconditioning of Undercarriage items of SDL machines of U.G. Mines.

- Reconditioning of Drive Head & Gear Boxes of Belt Conveyor.

- Fabrication and supply of Drums, Pulleys for different size Belt Conveyor.