We bring to you excellent quality through the best available Machine , Material and Man Power. Our motto is to serve our customers, so, when we reach our clients we don’t only try and figure out how we can benefit from them , instead our priority is to see how they can benefit from us. And hence we are proud to say that our clients rarely look the other way once they have enjoyed our services.

Some of our Major Clients are

Major Clients :

- M/s. South Eastern Coalfields Ltd ( Coal India) .

- M/s. Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Ltd.

- M/s. Orient Paper Mills .

- M/s. HJI Ltd. – A Division of Orient Paper Mills (Caustic Division) .

- M/s. Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd.

- M/s. Alstom Power Ltd.

- M/s. Rotodyne Engineering Ltd.

- M/s. Vaisavi Power Services Pvt. Ltd.

- M/s. Lanco Infratech Ltd. , M/s Lanco Amarkantak Power Ltd.

- M/s. Thermax Instrumentation Ltd.

- M/s. Sesa Sterlite Ltd. (Vedanta Group) .

- M/s. Sterlite Energy Ltd. (Vedanta Group) .

- M/s. KSK Power .

- M/s. HINDALCO Ltd.

- M/s. Utkal Alumina Limited .

- M/s. Reliance Industries Limited.